Breton Downs Elementary

East Grand Rapids Breton Downs Elementary School

Breton Downs Elementary 2500 Boston Street Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49506-4799 (616) 235-7552 Breton Downs is committed to providing an environment in which every student can succeed. With the outstanding support of our PTA and staff, our children come to a school in which positive self-image and a life-long love of learning are established. Breton … Continue reading

Lakeside Elementary School

Lakeside Elementary School

Lakeside Elementary School2325 Hall Street Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49506(616) 235-7553 The staff of Lakeside School believes that all children can and will learn in a positive, nurturing environment. We understand that teaching and learning require a state of readiness and a sense of timing. Students need to be exposed to a range of teaching … Continue reading

Wealthy Elementary School

Wealthy Elementary1961 Lake Drive SoutheastGrand Rapids, MI 49506-3049(616) 235-7550 The staff and parents of Wealthy Elementary School are dedicated to creating and maintaining our school as one of the best elementary schools in Michigan. Through collaboration among teachers, parents, and community, we have created a strong curriculum with enrichment opportunities, a commitment to arts and … Continue reading