Wealthy Elementary
Wealthy Elementary
1961 Lake Drive Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-3049
(616) 235-7550

The staff and parents of Wealthy Elementary School are dedicated to creating and maintaining our school as one of the best elementary schools in Michigan. Through collaboration among teachers, parents, and community, we have created a strong curriculum with enrichment opportunities, a commitment to arts and culture, community service, and an emphasis on recognizing the strengths of all of our students. Academic achievement, involved parents, experienced and creative staff involved in on-going training, and a wonderful school building with a 900-seat auditorium, large classrooms, and a swimming pool characterize Wealthy Elementary School.


Lakeside Elementary

Lakeside Elementary School
2325 Hall Street Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
(616) 235-7553

The staff of Lakeside School believes that all children can and will learn in a positive, nurturing environment. We understand that teaching and learning require a state of readiness and a sense of timing. Students need to be exposed to a range of teaching and learning styles so that they come to recognize and seek their own best learning situations. Our greatest challenge is to help our students learn how to achieve their highest academic potential, to be confident in their own abilities, and to use those abilities responsibly.


Breton Downs

Breton Downs Elementary
2500 Boston Street Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-4799
(616) 235-7552

Breton Downs is committed to providing an environment in which every student can succeed. With the outstanding support of our PTA and staff, our children come to a school in which positive self-image and a life-long love of learning are established. Breton teachers are masterful in teaching students in an environment in which they can grow and learn. With an aligned curriculum, teachers provide lessons rich in content and allow for a differentiated approach. The entire school community works to make our school one where we practice being kind, caring, and respectful of all people.


East Grand Rapids Middle School

East Grand Rapids Middle School
2425 Lake Drive Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-3199
(616) 235-7551

The Middle School program has been designed to provide students with a learning environment that is based upon an expectation of responsibility, respect, and personal best from all. Our program offers a variety of exploratory opportunities, a multi-disciplined approach to teaching and learning, and a focus on providing differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Thanks to the support and involvement of our parents, the motivation and responsible behavior of our students, and the excellence of our teaching staff, our students are successful. EGRMS is a wonderful place to grow, work, and learn!




East Grand Rapids High School

East Grand Rapids High School
2211 Lake Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-3091
(616) 235-7555

Welcome to East Grand Rapids High School where our entire school community is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.East students are motivated and enthusiastic and have opportunities for success with a wide array of academic and co-curricular activities. East teachers challenge students through a strong knowledge-base and a wide variety of teaching techniques.East parents and community members generously support our academic, co-curricular, and athletic programs.

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